Correction: The Correction IS on!

(March 16, 2017 – Steven O’Reilly) Yesterday the Italian blog Anonimi Della Croce reported, based on a source, that the four Dubia Cardinals had decided against a public formal correction of Pope Francis. The reports suggested that they made this decision due to lack of support among their fellow Cardinals. In my blog yesterday, I indicated that I found the report “hard to believe.”

However, a new day brings better news. Journalist Edward Pentin tweeted out earlier today:

“Correction of the continues to be “on track” according to informed sources.”

Mr. Pentin is highly respected and credible. This is good news. I continue to expect – based on my own personal speculations (here and here) – that the formal correction will occur sometime next week, March 19-25. I do not believe it would be proper for Amoris Laetitia to go a year from its release (April 8, 2016) without one. But, then again…I can be wrong…so my wife reminds me. But..even if my “Steve the Predictor” prediction should fail as to the date…it is good to hear the correction is on.

8 thoughts on “Correction: The Correction IS on!

  1. It is such a sad, sad affair that we have to even find ourselves here at this point. However for the good of the Faith, and the Church in the world, and most importantly for the good and salvation of souls if there is error and obstinancy true charity (true love) must prevail in excersing the spiritual works of mercy for the good of all. Salvation depends on it!

    Pride is a powerful peverter of thingsm most of all humility and charity. I pray that all pride evaporates and the mutual love for the Truth and for Christ himself prevails in overcoming. I pray God for a change of minds, hearts, souls, and the clarity of Truth comes before any correction actually occurs, but if this happens and it is done with all humility that it be accepted with all humility.

    There is no winner here. This should not ever be seen this way. May God through his angels and his saints, and in us, we the far less perfect instruments, prevail for the good of all. Amen.


  2. If the four cardinals have deemed, in conscience, that their duty was to correct the Pope since the Pope didn’t reply their letter, they cannot rear back now upon the pretext that they have not support enough from other prelates.
    They should follow the path of St Athanasius up to the end, waterer may happen. Athanasius himself was alone and yet he didn’t stopped nor hesitated.


  3. Jacques, thanks for your comment. I agree. It does look from the reporting that the correction is still on. I didn’t think they would call it off at this point. However, it would be best if their fellow cardinals voiced their concerns to the pope directly, or at least will support the cardinals when/if the correction comes. Prayer- and numbers- might lead the Pope to answer the dubia, and end this potential nightmare.


  4. Steven, in my opinion we are only at the beginning of the nightmare.
    I was very troubled and confused by the revelation of the huge pressure that Pope Benedict underwent to oblige him resigning, according to Mgr Luigi Negri, the archbp of Ferrara.
    If true, that means that this resignation was invalid, and therefore that the election of Francis was invalid too.
    I am not a sedevacantist: The true Pope is Benedict and now I understand better the true reasons of the mess the Church is in since 4 years.
    We must pray much Mary our Blessed Mother, the undoer of knots, that she will end this false pontificate soon.


    1. Jacque,thanks for reading the post and for your comment. I believe it would be a difficult case to make – to prove the resignation of Benedict XVI was invalid, even if we had perfect access to the necessary information. That is not to deny forces both outside and inside the Church wanted him out. Direct pressure tends to create an equal and opposite reaction, so I don’t think Benedict would have gone if he knew he was being pushed by anti-Church forces. My sense is, that IF there was a plot to remove Benedict XVI, it possibly involved information of a kind that was presented to him- by conspirators (appearing to be his friends)- knowing he would logically conclude from the nature of the information it was best for the Church if he resigned. That is to say, I believe it would have been more subtle than gross blackmail…perhaps graymail(?) or beigemail(?). I think such a hypothesis would make sense of the conflicting testimony over whether Benedict was under pressure (he was) or whether he resigned freely (he did).


  5. Steven, I agree with you: We have no direct proof of which kind of means that were used to get Benedict’s resignation, but only clues. We know only through the mouth of Mr Negri that they were huge (“enormi”), therefore not so subtle as you suggest, and multiple, coming both from inside and outside the Vatican and peculiarly from the US.
    Anyways, this resignation in the light of Mgr Negri’s revelations looks like the fulfillment of the prophetic words Benedict used during his first pontifical mass homily: “Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves.”


  6. Dear Stephen O’Reilly,

    Much appreciation !

    I believe that Jesus had prayed/promised that “Peter’s faith would not fail. Also, that Peter would turn around and he would then confirm the brethren”.

    Accordingly, may we all pray that there should be no further delays in proceeding with the “dubia”.

    Again, many thanks, Nik.


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