…And then there were three…

July 5, 2017 (Steven O’Reilly) –  The report today is that Cardinal Joachim Meisner, one of the four “dubia cardinals,” has passed away (see here).  God rest his soul. Now the “four” are three. Recent events of the last few days would seemingly suggest the “correlation of forces” are shifting toward the permissive interpretation of Amoris Laetitia with regard to communion for adulterers. The Pope names five more cardinals at the recent consistory (nearly 50% have been created by him), Cardinal Muller – who. for any faults he may or may not have, did oppose communion for adulterers – is out at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and now Cardinal Meisner has passed away. All are telling examples, it seems to me, of the Pope’s strategy of “time is greater than space.” Time, like a python, will choke all opposition to death. It may be a slow death, but death assuredly comes. . .or such is the cynical hope. However, the truth is the truth, and the Lord will be victorious – although it may be a painful road for the Church before that day comes.

Humanly speaking, we are currently on track, at the rate of replacements to the College of Cardinals, to one day have a Pope Francis II. If popes such as John Paul II and Benedict XVI could give us the bishop appointments, a College of Cardinals and a conclave that could produce a Pope Francis, imagine what Pope Francis will bequeath to us in the next conclave. As the dubia cardinals gather together next time, there will be one less person at that conference table. Before their numbers dwindle still further, and the composition of the College of Cardinal shifts even more against them than it has already, the dubia cardinals (as well as any silent partners they have) need to act – in my humble opinion – with greater urgency and boldness. I recently, again, outlined my suggestion for the next course of action (see here). I am not saying it is the best plan, but whatever might be out there as alternatives – I hope the dubia cardinals have one; and that their plan doesn’t include too much time as a variable. The time to act is now. . .before we run out of dubia cardinals. Fortune favors the bold. Who dares, wins.


6 thoughts on “…And then there were three…

  1. “Humanly speaking, the Church is lost” said Cardinal Achille Lienart, one of the main people who derailed the council, on his his deathbed after he confessed he was a freemason since a very long time.
    Hopefully the Church is not human but divine and will recover.


    1. Jacques, thank for the comments. I cannot speak to the comments said to have been made by this Cardinal. I’d have to research them. However, we do not need this comment…with our own eyes we see the situation in the Church today is grim, and growing grimmer – on a daily basis. However, as you say in hope, we can also say in fact. The Church is of divine origin. It is, therefore, indefectable, even if it will grow small again, which I suspect it will be the case. As you know, we’ve had grim times before – like the Arian crisis, where Athanasius pretty much stood alone for orthodoxy. We need to be prepared to see more trials within the Church, and fewer and fewer cardinals and bishops speaking for the truth. Yet, of course, remembering God is in control, and all will redound to His greater glory. God is not mocked.


  2. The cardinal Lienart died in 1973.
    In my opinion he did this frightening statement because, as a freemason, he knew very well how much the Ennemy already had slipped in the Church at every level. 45 years from now.
    In the same times, the Cardinal Ciappi gave a hint of the Fatima’s 3rd Secret speaking of the next coming apostasy at top of the Church.
    Being aware of this prophecy nobody can dismiss it as we are seing it’s ongoing fulfillment , yes indeed at the very top of the RCC.


    1. Jacques, thanks for the comment. I have more familiarity with the Ciappi statement than the Lienart one. I do find it hard to believe that the released ‘secret’ is the whole thing. The released ‘secret’ doesn’t track with what had been known about it (e.g., what BXVI said about it when he was a cardinal). It appears Mary’s words explaining the vision have been withheld. That it deals with an apostasy, if not “the great apostasy,” seems likely to me. I would hope that if it does indeed speak of a pope harming the Church, etc., that any Cardinal or bishop or priest who knows the contents of the third secret would be automatically released from any vow of silence to speak of it — if he believes the Church is actually and currently living those times indicated in the secret.


  3. I remember an article about Fr Malachi Martin interviewed during a radio broadcasting: Regarding the 3rd Secret, the speaker asked him about the possibility of a pope being under the control of the Devil.
    He replied: “Yes, that (the Secret) sounds a bit like that”.
    Besides I always wondered about Francis boasting that his aim was “to make the Church unrecognizable”.
    Why “unrecognizable”?Is he so ashamed of the glorious past of the RCC that he wants to disfigure Her? Why is he considering almost jokingly being the first Pope who will ever split the Church?
    Does this Pope hate the Church?
    Never in the Church’s history a Pope spoke and behaved like Francis.


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