Martel’s Book: A Pope Francis-approved Hit Job?

February 17, 2019 (Steven O’Reilly) – There is a new book out by a French journalist that purports to be an expose’ of the homosexual subculture in the Vatican. A Crux News article reports on this new book (In the Closet of the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy by Frédéric Martel) (see Crux News “New book claims gay subculture flourishes at Vatican” by Christopher White).  While I have yet to read this book myself, the report in the Crux article indicates that it claims there is a homosexual subculture at the Vatican. Some of the book’s most controversial claims appear to be that two of the dead Dubia Cardinals (Caffara and Meisner) were “homosexually inclined,” Cardinal Burke is “unstraight,” Pope Benedict XVI “liked to flirt” and that “the majority of the popes of the last century were at least homosexually inclined.”

Where does one start with such claims? The author of this book, Frédéric Martel, is reportedly openly gay and seems to be something of an activist for homosexual causes. Now, this in itself does not mean we should discount his reporting, but it does mean we should be suspicious of his motives. Thus, his “evidence” and the conclusions he draws from it must be carefully evaluated. Consider, Martel (as quoted by Crux) says “Francis today is the object of a violent campaign.” For Martel this is “…precisely because of his supposed liberalism on questions of sexual morality, by conservative cardinals who are very homophobic – and many of them, secretly homosexual.” This is a simple ad hominem fallacy. It horrendously besmirches “conservative cardinals” reputations with an implicit accusation of “homosexual and hypocrite” without having to address the substance of their arguments on sexual morality on the merits. Conveniently, for Francis, the book reports that the most pro-homosexual cardinals are likely heterosexual!  As the Crux article reports (emphasis added):

“Among his other “rules of the closet” is that the clerics who are perceived to be most “pro-gay” are likely heterosexual and that within the Vatican, heterosexuality is “the exception.”

In sum, for Martel, Francis’s own words that “behind rigidity there is always something hidden, in many cases a double life,” serve as a truism for his account.” (see Crux News “New book claims gay subculture flourishes at Vatican” by Christopher White)

Yes, how convenient for Francis on the eve of the abuse crisis summit that such a book and message is released! A book which informs Catholics that all the liberalizing Cardinals on sexual morality issues, i.e., those who are pro-homosexual, are really (most likely) heterosexual; but that all of Francis’ anti-homosexuality opponents or most of them, dead or living, inclusive of “most of the popes” of the 21st century are themselves homosexual, “homosexually inclined” or “unstraight!”  Too convenient, indeed.  As a former Intelligence Officer…I smell a disinformation campaign — and indeed one involving character assassination. And, if it is…who ultimately is behind it?

Ask yourself a simple question:  Cui Bono?  Again, while I have yet to read this book, it seems evidently clear from the reporting that the answer is Pope Francis and those who wish to liberalize the Church on issues related to the Sixth Commandment. How convenient it is that the one man who comes off looking good (according to the reporting) in this scandalous mess is the sexually-liberalizing Francis and his cadre of most-likely-not-homosexual, pro-homosexual cardinals.  Even the liberal CBS News in its analysis of the books states:  “Martel appears to want to bolster Francis’ efforts at reforming the Vatican by discrediting his biggest critics and removing the secrecy and scandal that surrounds homosexuality in the church” (see CBS News).

Suspicions this was an organized, drive-by hit on the reputations of Francis’ opposition is also suggested from reporting by LifeSiteNews’ Maike Hickson and John-Henry Weston (see New book by gay sociologist claims homosexual subculture inside Vatican is rampant, but covered up). This article reports that “Monsignor Battista Ricca, the controversial head of Santa Marta – the Pope’s residence – is said to have invited Martel for a visit at Santa Marta” and that “Ricca, notorious for his homosexual exploits, seems to have been a key player granting Martel access to the Vatican and its homosexual network” (emphasis added). Also see Roberto De Mattei’s article on the Rorate Caeli site (see De Mattei: An LGBT Pamphlet against the Church).  If the LifeSiteNews report and De Mattei’s are accurate–and there is no reason to doubt them–then it is undoubtedly the case Pope Francis gave a green light to Monsignor Ricca to support Martel’s efforts — as it would have been unthinkable for Ricca to do so without the Pope’s explicit approval.  Further, obviously, this approval would not have been given by Pope Francis unless the book’s ultimate takeaway-message fit a narrative of which he approved.

If the Pope was serious about expunging homosexual influence from the hierarchy and priesthood, Martel’s book,  even with its controversial claims, should be a debate starter at the upcoming abuse summit in Rome. Its core claims — divorced of the character assassination and the suspect motives of the author — could be a spark to help begin a conversation at the summit on how to clean out the homosexual/modernist influence within the Church. However, you may be certain this will not happen. Instead, expect Pope Francis to remain silent on McCarrick (especially now he has been laicized), and with regard to Vigano’s claims there is an active homosexual network in the Church. The hypocrisy of this is stark given it is probable–if not certain–that Francis provided a degree of assistance and facilitation to an author of a book, which Francis had to know beforehand would be a hit job on his opposition and his predecessors, slandering both the living and dead. God save the Church.

Steven O’Reilly is a graduate of the University of Dallas and the Georgia Institute of Technology. He and his wife, Margaret, live near Atlanta with their family. He has written apologetic articles and is working on a historical-adventure trilogy, set during the time of the Arian crisis. He asks for your prayers for his intentions.  He can be contacted at (or follow on Twitter: @S_OReilly_USA).

11 thoughts on “Martel’s Book: A Pope Francis-approved Hit Job?

  1. This reminds me of the time when Bergoglio was Archbishop in Argentina. When court deliberations were about to begin on one of his prelates accused of sexual abuse of minors, a thick book blaming the children commissioned by Bergoglio showed up on the desks of judges involved in the case.

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  2. Sounds like an advocacy piece for homosexuality by a man given over to homosexuality himself, and an attempt to silence criticism by saying that those who do so suffer from the same sin. All homo speak from a mind corrupted by vice


  3. Steven: Now that the sex abuse summit is finished and Martel’s book has been released (and extensively commented on,) a few thoughts: 1) no damage to the dubia cardinals – no one believes the accusations that they are/were closet gays, 2) huge mistake to reveal the “plan of attack” and key players to advance the homosexual agenda – I can only think they must be so arrogant and completely convinced that they will win and change Church teaching, 3) no one is buying the “clericalism” canard, 4) the “homosexuality is not the problem” response offered by the summit leaders came with exactly one reason: “Because we said so.” – Everyone, even the media, saw through them, 5) Nothing of significance came out of the summit (unfortunately for abuse victims) but PF and the gay-friendly leaders were clearly thwarted (once again) in advancing the homosexual agenda.


    1. Thanks DC for your comments. I pretty much agree with what you say.

      One of the other takeaways is that there did not appear to be any major push back by the assembled bishops against the ridiculous message. Unfortunately, it seems Muller’s and the Dubia Cardinals’ recent calls for bishops ‘not to be silent’ fell on deaf ears. One can certainly imagine the underwhelming reaction that would follow a “formal correction” on AL — if this non-reaction is any guide.

      While no one is buying the “clericalism” story, obviously things will not change for the better without something drastic happening in the Church. But, in the meantime, PF will continue to appoint weak bishops and cardinals; and marginalize good ones. The situation in the Church will continue to degenerate. Obviously, the next conclave will be a momentous (and tumultuous) one, packed with PF’s picks, and other like-minded modernists. God help us if they select a youngish, Francis II.


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