Biden: The President-Suspect

November 7, 2020 (Steven O’Reilly) – The events of the last few days have made clear, as clear can be, that the election process for the presidency of the United States was corrupted by human agency. Today, despite an increasing number of grave accounts of voting fraud, irregularities, violation of election law in key battleground states, as well as credible court challenges to the results, particularly on Constitutional grounds in Pennsylvania, the mainstream media (MSM) simply pretends none of this is happening. The MSM says “there is nothing to see here!”

Instead of delving deeply into the allegations which are certainly concerning to half of the American electorate, the MSM has added fuel to the growing crisis by today declaring, with one mind and purpose, that Joe Biden is the President-Elect of the United States of America. Despite this rush to proclaim Biden’s “victory” and to grind the voices of concerned American into silence, the truth is: Biden is not — and cannot be — constitutionally speaking, the president-elect until the Electoral Votes are certified.  This rush to declare him “President-Elect” in the face of ongoing counting, litigation, and investigations into fraud and irregularities, and refusal to air voices of opposition clear reveal a concerted effort by dark forces to install Joe Biden as President at all cost.

Yet, for millions of Americans at this moment — and should he ever takes the oath of office in January — Joe Biden is the “President-Suspect.” Biden’s presidential campaign was utterly improbable on its face. He is known for his bizarre behavior around little girls or women not his wife (see here).Biden is a man with clear signs of diminished mental abilities if not dementia, who spent much of his time hidden away in the basement on zoom calls — if not playing Pacman. When he did campaign in person it was before small gatherings of people who either stood inside chalked circles, or sat in near empty car lots. The MSM never pressed Joe Biden on the real questionable financial dealings of Hunter Biden, or whether he received any financial benefit from them under the table. Nor was Joe Biden pressed on whether these financial dealings had any influence on policy actions or recommendations he may have made regarding any country where his son was making deals. Interestinly, Biden’s campaign apparently lacked the traditional “ground game” said to be vitally important for any successful Democratic presidential campaign.

Yet, according to the MSM…he is the President-Elect. However, instead, Biden’s suspicious financial dealings, the highly-organized voter fraud and irregularities of which he alone was beneficiary makes Biden the President-Suspect. There has been a broad suspicious pattern of events pointing to an effort, a organized plot, to install a leftist globalist as the president of the United States. The globalist party in this country did all in its power to stop Donald J. Trump from getting elected, and having failed at that, to oust him by whatever means necessary.

There was nonstop opposition to Trump from the MSM, run by its corporate slave-masters who are cozy with the Democratic establishment. This anti-Trump opposition was choreographed in perfect sync with the efforts of high-level leftist Democrats in and out of office, and Deep State functionaries.  No lie, no means of subterfuge was considered beyond the pale to try to oust Trump. Criminal leaks to the press. Illegal FISA warrants on American citizens. Intelligence resources spying on Trump, his campaign, and his administration. There was the special counsel investigation, manned by Democratic lawyers and anti-Trump/pro-Hillary Clinton FBI agents, all predicated on lies and fabrication. And, of course, there was the absurd impeachment over the Ukraine phone call.

Having failed in these efforts to oust Trump during his presidency, these forces then combined to prevent his re-election. The major technology corporations (Big Tech), most notably Twitter, Google/Youtube, and FaceBook have actively conspired and supported this anti-Trump goal — and increasingly so in recent months and days — with efforts to monitor, curtail, and even eliminate the exercise of free speech of those supportive of President Trump. We do not now have a free press in the true sense of the term, as the Left has a virtual monopoly on it, and the Left owns the major of means of communication through Big Tech. This Lefist/MSM/Big Tech alliance, a veritable “axis of evil,” is a major threat to the American Republic as the Big Tech platforms have become the virtual public square in our technological age. Instead of allowing each individual American to evaluate for himself what information to accept or reject, this “axis of evil” has usurped this fundamental individual right and now decides what can be distributed and shared, what is a “fact” and what is not, and thus it seeks to control the narrative.  This “axis of evil” wished to be the originator and arbiter of what it considers “the truth.”

All these forces opposed to Trump and traditional American values are themselves united behind Joe Biden, the President-Suspect. In the midst of a presidential campaign, when voters are best served by having access to all information available on each candidate, the MSM and Big Tech either failed to investigate, or  censored efforts to reveal, distribute, and or share such information on who Joe Biden really is. For example, as Vice-President in the Obama administration was the point man for US policy on Ukraine and China. Significant evidence has been brought to light, especially via Hunter Biden’s laptop (see New York Post) that, certainly on its face at a minimum, points to Joe Biden having potentially profited as a sitting Vice-President by selling of his influence (see here).

Yes, Biden is the President-Suspect. There is clear video evidence, familiar to all by now, that Biden used his position to stop an investigation by a Ukrainian prosecutor into a Ukrainian energy firm where his son, Hunter, sat on its board of directors (see here). Separately, while Biden was point man on China policy for the Obama administration, and while his son was cutting billion dollar deals with Chinese companies, the US government failed to stand up to the Chinese who at the time — and still are — militarizing the strategically important South China Sea (see here). What role did Joe Biden have in the policy decisions around American inaction during the Obama Administration? Was Biden compromised by or influenced by under the table financial dealing with China? Biden is the truly, the Manchurian Candidate.

But now, we are faced with the absurd possibility that this President-Suspect — should he constitutionally become the president-elect — will be interviewing future office-holders for his administration in the Departments of Defense, and other sensitive national security posts. This is a man, for example, who may be interviewing candidates to be the new FBI director. The absurdity is beyond belief. Instead of interviewing the next Director of the FBI, it is rather Biden, the President-Suspect, who should be under interrogation by the FBI for his financial dealings, and for being a national security threat.  The President-Suspect may very well have betrayed his country’s interests to foreign adversaries such as China. Yet, even though the evidence is there, the mainstream media refused to report on it, to seriously follow up on, or investigate it.  For its part, Big Tech did much to limit the distribution of negative news stories about these Biden scandals. We all know the level of interest there would have been if such allegations had existed around President Trump. Yet, the MSM, and Democrat higher-ups have no interest in protecting the country against Biden. Why? Because obtaining power is their only goal.

There are many troubling aspects to this 2020 election, and more will come to light in the days ahead. One of the most questionable aspects of this election so far was the wide distribution of mail-in-ballots, something vociferously demanded by the Democrats. President Trump, and Attorney General William Barr (see here), and a bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform (see here) all rightly pointed out that mail-in ballots represented the “largest source of potential voter fraud.”  Yet, the necessity to have and the safety of mail-in ballots was assiduously pressed by the Democrats over all reasonable objections. Over the last few days, we have seen mysterious changes in vote totals at 4 AM in the morning. Additional loads of ballots seem to appear out of nothingness, just as a count here or there was coming to a close. We are just now learning of potential computer software glitches that may have changed vote tabulations (see here). There are also accounts of poll watchers kept away from the actual counting at distances where they could not truly monitor the process. Then there are accounts of dead people voting, and the back dating of mail-in ballots (see here, and here).

Yet, the MSM and the Democrats claim there is “no evidence” of widespread fraud or irregularities. The hypocrisy of the left is a bottomless pit. All remember that it was with far less “evidence” that the Left demanded and pursued investigations of Donald J. Trump, which in the end turned up nothing. The above list of examples of irregularities is only likely to grow in the days ahead.  With this list in mind, one might recall Joe Biden proudly boasting of having “put together…the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” (see Here). While one might reasonably wonder whether this statement was itself a Freudian slip, the obvious question is: if Joe Biden, his campaign, and the Democrats did not believe our election system and the widespread use of mail-in ballots was fraught with the risk of fraud that might tip an election, as they assured us  — why then did Biden find it necessary to assemble the ‘most extensive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics’?  The mendacity of Biden and the Democrats is obvious. In light of current events, the import of the President-Suspect’s statement is obvious. Biden did not assemble a “voter fraud organization” to combat potential fraud, rather he assembled it to stymy efforts both to reveal it and seek legal remedies in open court if discovered.

Thus, to anyone with a shred of common sense it should be clear that the ongoing balloting fraud, confusion, and irregularities were not the unfortunate and unforeseen by-product of the mail-in system devised by its Democratic advocates, but rather, they were the means to an end. That end was the overthrow of Donald Trump, American nationalism, the values of middle-America, and free and fair elections. This is not ultimately about Joe Biden, the President-Suspect. Biden is but a temporary place holder for the globalist party in the US.

For Catholics, a victory for Joe Biden is disturbingly analogous to the events surrounding the conclave and election of Pope Francis. This papal election was also pushed by an ‘elite’ which coordinated in secret to achieve its objectives (see The Conclave Chronicles) of changing the Catholic Church. Those who long hoped for and plotted the election of someone like Pope Francis called themselves the St. Gallen mafia. This “mafia,” along with Pope Francis, have shown themselves to have views and goals closely aligned with those of the globalist party in the United States and elsewhere (e.g., open borders, “climate change,” socialist economics, etc).

Patriotic Americans — Catholic and non-Catholic — must pray for President Trump and the Republic. However, beyond prayer, Americans must “do.” Be active in support of President Trump’s legal efforts to the fullest extent you are able. Attend peaceful rallies and protests. Spread news and information to all you can about the President’s efforts — since Big Tech and the MSM are seeking to silence our voices, and patriotic news sources. Call your US Senators and Congressmen. Stay on top of them constantly, demanding they support the President’s efforts.

Also, call and stay on top of your state senators and representatives, especially in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia. The Constitution (Article II, Section I) allows the State Legislatures to appoint the electors for their states: “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.” Should it become necessary, with enough pressure on the legislators in each of the states above — which are all Republican controlled, the President would obtain an electoral college victory.

These are difficult and troubling times. No time for “fair weather” patriots. Stand firm with the President as he pursues all lawful and constitutional means available to prevail.

“Pray always…never give up” (Luke 18:1).

Steven O’Reilly is a graduate of the University of Dallas and the Georgia Institute of Technology. A former intelligence officer, he and his wife, Margaret, live near Atlanta with their family. He has written apologetic articles and is author of Book I of the Pia Fidelis trilogy, The Two Kingdoms. (Follow on twitter at @fidelispia for updates). He asks for your prayers for his intentions.  He can be contacted at  or (or follow on Twitter: @S_OReilly_USA or on Parler: @StevenOReilly).

7 thoughts on “Biden: The President-Suspect

  1. Agree. Mysterious are the ways of the Lord. It may very well turn out that Trump not being President services Divine Providence. Most Americans are only vaguely aware of the evil that pervades the plans of the Democrat Party, the New World Order, and the plans of “Pope” Francis. Accordingly, a wake up call via a clear demonstration of evil may be necessary. Trump and Vigano could act as angels of Truth better outside than in. We shall see.


  2. After Trump was elected about 50% of America was convinced that Russia had helped him steal the election.

    Now that Biden appears to have been elected 50% of Americans think the Democrats stole the election.

    The good news for all patriotic Americans is that we no longer have to outsource election fraud. We can do it domestically.


    1. Vermontcrank1, the difference between your two examples is evidence. Little to none in 2016 of “foreign influence” and massive fraud in 2020.

      Steven, thanks for your, as usual, clear and level headed article. Have you heard of Lieutenant General Thomas Mcinerney (retired)? Apparently he says that the election software is rigged. I saw something of the “software counting problems” on another site too. In one Michigan county they noticed the count was off so they recounted and there was an extra 6000 for Biden. All of the Counties in Michigan use it and then I read 30 states use it including Penn, WI, MI, GA, AZ, NM, & MN.


      1. John, I am aware of Gen. Mcinerny’s claims. I have heard this theory before, but unfortunately its track record has had the **appearance** of an Internet hoax. Of course, that does not mean it is not true. I am NOT saying it is…only that is its seeming pedigree.

        That said, I believe such a capability would certainly impact the election, obviously. The question is simply…does the General have the goods. Can he produce documentation of this capability? Names? Can he produce live witnesses, especially current and former intel officials, programmers, technicians who have intimate knowledge of the system. Then, can they produce evidence, at least circumstantial in nature, it was deployed in 2020 (or any time in US elections).

        I believe Obama/Brennan/Dems are morally capable of having attempted such a thing if they had the capability. I am waiting to see HAMMER and SCORECARD actually exist.

        I am very interested in whether the reports of high-level dems holding shares and ownership in some of the polling station technology. Very curious.



    2. VC…thanks for the comment. The hypocrisy of the left knows no depth. They demands investigations of “Russia collusion” in the elections with sparse evidence, which even at that turned out to be FALSE and MANUFACTURED. Yet…the left can not be bothered by the specter of domestic corruption of the electoral process — something far scarier.

      Let’s hope Trump continues the fight for transparency, and sheds more light on these roaches.




  3. Dear John. Lighten up. I thought it obvious that was an attempt to pour a little cooling humor on the fire of indignation for there are far worse examples of evil in America than voter fraud, real or imagined.

    There has always been voter fraud in America but there is no evidence of voter fraud on such a massive scale claimed by Trump supporters.

    Even if Trump had won, would it have made any difference in America’s public support of the Four Sins crying to heaven for vengeance?



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