Now Available: VALID? The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

October 3, 2022 (Steven O’Reilly) – I am happy to announce that my book Valid? The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI is now available. I am also honored to note that His Excellency, Bishop Athanasius Schneider wrote the Foreword for the book.

Was the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI valid? Or, did Benedict remain the true pope of the Catholic Church despite his seeming resignation? Incredible as it may seem, some Catholics today argue Benedict’s resignation was invalid, either due to a “substantial error” in his act of resignation or intent, or perhaps even due to his own intentional attempt to ‘sabotage’ it.

“Benepapists” reject the validity of Benedict’s resignation, believing he has remained pope, and will continue to be pope until either his death or until he validly resigns. They have spread their views internationally via internet articles, blogs, podcasts, social media, and by now, several or more books. To my knowledge, at least five books have been published to date to argue the case for Benepapism in one form or another. No doubt, others are on the way.

While Roma Locuta Est has been more than sympathetic to criticisms of the current pontificate, it has long argued (e.g., HERE and HERE) that the deficiencies of the Benepapist argument demonstrate it is not, and cannot be the solution to the current crisis in the Church. However, given that Benepapism has appeared to have gained some traction of late, I decided to put the Case against the Benepapists into a book form, based on past articles, as well as new content supplemented by additional research. It was thought a book format might be a handy resource for those looking for answers that rebut the claims of Benepapism.

Valid? The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI (The Case against the Benepapists) critically examines all of the key objections leveled by the Benepapists against the validity of Benedict’s resignation, and provides decisive refutations of each in turn – thereby demonstrating the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI was valid.

The book, which includes additional research and rebuttals, focuses on the key documents that the Benepapists either use in making their arguments, or which they essentially ignore.  Documents include the DeclaratioNormas NonnullasBenedict’s last general audience, Ganswein’s speech, etc.

The key Objections leveled by the Benepapists against the validity of Benedict’s resignation will be presented, and the Replies to those Objections will be provided.  Replies to Objections will cover the munus vs. ministerium debate, “substantial error,” a partial resignation, the “Miller dissertation,” Benedict’s Plan B, The Ratzinger Code, a “sacramental papacy,” the “‘always’ is also a ‘forever,’” a deferred resignation, Benedict wearing white, the title of “pope emeritus,” Benedict giving Apostolic BlessingsGanswein’s speech, and much more! 

Valid? The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI is now available via AMAZON in both KINDLE and paperback formats. The book will soon be available through other distributors as well.

Steven O’Reilly is a graduate of the University of Dallas and the Georgia Institute of Technology. A former intelligence officer, he and his wife, Margaret, live near Atlanta. He has written apologetic articles, and is author of Book I of the Pia Fidelis trilogy, The Two Kingdoms; and of Valid? The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI(Follow on twitter at @fidelispia for updates). He asks for your prayers for his intentions.  He can be contacted at  or (or follow on Twitter: @S_OReilly_USA or on GETTR, TruthSocial, or Gab: @StevenOReilly).

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