Book: Valid? The Resignation of Benedict XVI

September 11, 2022 (Steven O’Reilly) – The claims that Benedict XVI is still the pope have been heard now for many years now.  Over that time period, those who make such claims, the Benepapists, have produced many articles, videos, and books on the topic. Within the last year, some Benepapists have even issued a Declaration and Petition in which they declare they will not accept the next conclave, unless it meets various conditions set out by them in their Declaration.

Roma Locuta Est has over this same period published various articles to refute the spurious arguments of the arch-Benepapists. These articles may be found in two collections, including Summa Contra the BiP Theory (Why Benedict XVI is NOT the pope) and The Case against those who claim “Benedict is (still) pope”.  Given that the Benepapists, who are on the road to schism once Francis and or Benedict die, have by now collectively published at least four books to date pushing their arguments, and without a rebuttal in book form; I have — in part upon the suggestions of others — decided to assemble the arguments against Benepapism in a book form. 

The book will be entitled: Valid? The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI (The Case against the Benepapists), and it includes a ‘surprise’ Foreward.  Currently, the expectation is that the book will be available by the end of the month of September, or early October at the latest.  Below, is the cover for the book.

Valid_23 (2)

 I previously alluded to this project during a recent appearance on Eric Sammons’ program (see A discussion regarding Benepapism). My hope is this book will serve as a resource for those either confronted or tempted by the arguments of the Benepapists.

The book, which includes additional research and rebuttals, will focus on the key documents that the Benepapists either use in making their arguments, or which they ignore entirely.  These will include the Declaratio, Normas Nonnullas, Benedict’s last general audience, Ganswein’s speech, and more. The book will take examine and refute the spurious arguments offered by Ann Barnhardt, Estefania Acosta, Dr. Ed Mazza, Andrea Cionci, and other leading Benepapists.

The key Objections to the validity of Benedict’s resignation will be presented, and the Replies to those Objections will be provided.  Replies to Objections will cover the munus vs. ministerium, “substantial error,” a partial resignation, the “Miller dissertation,” Benedict’s Plan B, The Ratzinger Code, a “sacramental papacy,” the “‘always’ is also a ‘forever,'” a deferred resignation, Benedict wearing white, the title of “pope emeritus,” Benedict giving Apostolic Blessings, Ganswein’s speech, and much more! 

So…if you have encountered the arguments of the Benepapists, and wondered what the responses to them might be; or if you are an open-minded Benepapist wanting to really do your due diligence on the subject before you make any drastic decisions on the question, then you will definitely want to read Valid? The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI (The Case against the Benepapists).  

However, if you are someone who does whatever the leading Benepapists want you to do and tell you to do, then you will definitely want to stay away from Valid? The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI (The Case against the Benepapists) because they definitely will not want you to read it, as they have previously spared no ad hominem against its author (see HERE and HERE)!  But, that is okay, as their ad hominems are an admission that their arguments are indeed weak. 

So…if you are open-minded, then you will definitely want to read Valid? The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI (The Case against the Benepapists).  Stay tuned to this blog, Roma Locuta Est, for updates on the book’s release date, or contact me directly.

Steven O’Reilly is a graduate of the University of Dallas and the Georgia Institute of Technology. A former intelligence officer, he and his wife, Margaret, live near Atlanta with their family. He has written apologetic articles and is author of Book I of the Pia Fidelis trilogy, The Two Kingdoms. (Follow on twitter at @fidelispia for updates). He asks for your prayers for his intentions.  He can be contacted at  or (or follow on Twitter: @S_OReilly_USA or on GETTR, Parler, TruthSocial, or Gab: @StevenOReilly).


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