The Devil’s Year in Review

December 28, 2021 (Edward J. Barr) – The Devil burst onto the scene in January after hearing how the Catholic Church was handling the COVID-19 scare (see The Devil came to Mass this weekend). He was asked by one of his minions to meet a recruit and was shocked when he found himself at a Catholic Church.  The devil overcame his initial repulsion and after interaction with the well-meaning pastor soon found the visit more enjoyable than he could have imagined.  Buoyed by the Church’s capitulation to Caesar and fear, he returned to hell in a good mood.  It improved further when he saw the in-fighting among the demons. He next visited China to adjudicate a battle between two of his most powerful demons (see The Devil travels to China). The two demons were fighting over who had done more to destroy the souls of their assigned countries, the United States and China.  For a while it seemed as if the guardian demon of China had prevailed in the confrontation.  Never content with the status quo, the Devil sought to create even more dissension among his minions.  He decided to create more chaos by agreeing to a formal trial at the behest of the guardian demon of the United States.  That demon had borne the rath of Satan after the demon of China noted that he had allowed a Catholic to become president.  The trial (see A Demonic Trial) featured many of the Devil’s most successful demons, most of them defending the guardian demon of United States.  The guardian demon of China’s arrogance at the inevitability of securing a guilty verdict at the trial backfired.  

Despite the verdict at the trial the Devil was concerned there was a Catholic president.  He decided to see for himself and accompanied the demon of the United States on a fact-finding mission to Washington (see The Devil tours the White House).  The devil made several snide comments attacking Catholic teaching and was surprised when they had no effect.  The tour guide said that the president agreed with him!  The demon of the United States’ shrewd plan worked.  The devil was impressed with the new definition of “devout Catholic” championed by the president.  

The devil was on a roll.  Puffed up with pride over accomplishments of his minions, he convened a meeting of his science advisors.  The demon of medicine provided a report on the success of his plan to attack mankind through the perversion of science (see The Devil and COVID-19).  A recap of the destructive events and the Church’s response gave greet solace to the demonic attendees.  Yet, after pressing questions, the demon of medicine admitted that there are still some faithful who could thwart their diabolical plan.  Still, the demon of fear is expanding his influence.

The demon of medicine prepared for the worst, but the devil didn’t explode in anger when he learned the battle for souls could be lost.  He had been pleased with societies turning away from God in the West and decided he would use a favorite tool to attack the Church.  The devil called for his lawyers.  Using demonic sympathizers and friendly courts, he and his attorneys outlined a groundbreaking cause of action against our Lord (see The Devil sues Jesus).  

It indeed looks like it was a banner year for the devil.  Decimation of world economies, government shutdowns, increases in suicides, addictions and mental illness, religious suppression, attempts to eliminate Catholic traditions by Vatican authorities, rampant censorship of free speech, manmade disease, experimental inoculations causing injury and death, and acquiescence by most Christians and Church leaders has given aid and comfort to the enemy.  As we end 2021, we can be assured that the devil is full of pride.  Let us pray that in 2022 he will experience the fall that often follows.

Edward J Barr is a Catechist, an attorney, an intelligence officer, and a Marine. He earned a Master of Theology degree from the Augustine Institute. Mr. Barr is a contributing writer for the Roma Locuta Est blog (

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