Top Ten Articles of 2021 on Roma Locuta Est

December 31, 2021 (Roma Locuta Est) – Roma Locuta Est is now approaching the end of its 5th year of existence (4th full year). As has been the tradition now over the last several years, we close out the year by recapping the top posts of the year.

Before proceeding to the Top Ten List of posts of 2021, I’d note some honorable mentions, i.e., some recent and older posts from prior years which continue to draw a good deal of site traffic — at least in terms of this wee, humble blog. The honorable mentions include:

Roma Locuta Est posts, new and old, that rebut various “Benedict is Pope” (BiP) arguments still continue to draw significant traffic. A compilation of newer and older article on this topic may be found in the Summa Contra the BiP Theory (Why Benedict XVI is NOT the pope).

A back and forth with Francis-apologist Dave Armstrong (see A Response to Dave Armstrong and On a Correct Understanding of Amoris Laetitia: Which is it? (Part I) and On a Correct Understanding of Amoris Laetitia: Which is it? (Part II).

Articles on issues related to the Eucharist (see Why the Bishops won’t directly address the Eucharist Scandal and Is the Eucharist failing Catholics?).

The question Can America Escape the “Cycle of Sin?” is examined.

Roma Locuta Est looked at the The Historicity of the Resurrection; following up on its other articles on the Guards at Tomb (see here and here), and the The Historicity of the Crucifixion Darkness.

The Top Ten rankings below are based upon total views.  And now…without further ado….

Number 10: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena: What might it be? looked at the subject of UFO’s or UAPs as they appear to be called now. Over the last year or so, several videos have been made public which capture what the US military calls “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” or UAPs. The acronym UAP has replaced the older, more common description of such sightings as an “Unidentified Flying Object” or UFO.  On his show on FOX News, Tucker Carlson has discussed the topic of the recent sightings by the military on a number of occasions, for example, herehere and here, and here. Also, CBS 60 Minutes recently aired a report. The #10 article took a look at the phenomena as reported and offered some preliminary thoughts.  In 2023, Roma Locuta Est hopes to write a follow up on the topic.

Number 9:  On the 8th Anniversary of McCarrick’s “Influential Italian Gentleman” marks the anniversary of McCarrick’s meeting with the mysterious “influential Italian gentleman” who sought McCarrick’s help in the campaign to elect Cardinal Bergoglio pope. The article chronicles and documents McCarrick’s role.

Number 8More on McCarrick and his Connections to the Obama/Biden White House looks at, and lists in detail, McCarrick’s many meetings with the Obama/Biden White Hourse. The article follows up on an article from late December 2020 which looked at ex-Cardinal McCarrick’s trip to China following his meeting with Pope Francis in June of 2013 (see Why did McCarrick visit the Obama/Biden White House in July 2013?). Archbishop Vigano in his Testimony seemed to suggest that the Pope’s rehabilitation of McCarrick was a reward for McCarrick’s significant role in Bergoglio’s election in March 2013.  The significance of McCarrick’s role has been told in more detail in The Conclave Chronicles.  Curiously, the McCarrick Report investigators neglected to report on many important aspects of the McCarrick story (see Glaring Omission in McCarrick Report: What about the “Influential Italian Gentleman?”).

Number 7: What can we offer the world? ‘Not much’ according to Mr. Lewis looks at an article written by Mike Lewis over at Where Peter Is in which he offered his ruminations on the state and future of evangelization. His lengthy essay (4,600 words plus) ponders “What can we offer the world?”  In the #7 article, I examine Mr. Lewis’ liberal presuppositions and conclude the answer to his question (“what can we offer the world”) is “not much” as long as his solutions are based on those presuppositions.  Mr. Lewis didn’t care for my response, and his comments, and my response to them, may be found in the comments section beneath the article.  Roma Locuta Est’s critiques and rebuttals to Francis apologists may be found here (see Summa Contra the Francis-Apologists).

Number 6:  Dr. De Mattei’s Vigano Theory: What is this really about?  looks at the strange accusations made by Dr. De Mattei which suggested Vigano did not write some of the letters attribute to him. We have great respect for Dr. De Mattei, having even written a positive view of one of his books (see Dr. Mattei and “Filial Resistance to the Pope”). However, in the #6 article, and a follow up article (see Dr. De Mattei Doubles Down) we reject his theory, and explain why.

Number 5Vigano: A Jesuit on the Throne of Peter “in violation of the rule established by St. Ignatius of Loyola” looks at a comment made by Archbishop Vigano in the course of his “Vigano Tapes” interview with Robert Moynihan (see here). In this video interview, tape 3, my attention was draw especially to Viganò’s closing comment. At the very end of the video, speaking of the role of the Deep State and the Deep Church, Archbishop Viganò says:

“It seems to me that in this conspiracy, the role of the Jesuit has been decisive, it is no coincidence that for the first time in history, a religious of the Society of Jesus is seated on the throne of Peter in violation of the rule established by Saint Ignatius of Loyola.”

Vigano’s refers here to the vow taken by Jesuits not to ambition for or accept election to higher office, unless dispensed from a vow.  Roma Locuta Est has looked into this question in great detail, and we recommend the reader check this out here (see Curiouser and Curiouser: Who Dispensed Jorge Bergoglio SJ from his vows?).

Number 4: The Forgotten ‘October Surprise’ of the 2013 Conclave took a look at a suspiciously timed “anti-mafia police raid” at dawn, on the morning of March 12, 2013 — the day when the conclave was set to begin.  Observers at the time noted that the raids, which targeted a friend of Cardinal Scola, would hurts chances Scola’s chances of being elected pope.  Until that moment, Scola had been considered the front-runner amongst the papabile — and as it turned out, had been Cardinal Bergoglio’s main competition for the papacy.  This article, plus part 2 of that series (The Forgotten ‘October Surprise’ (Part II): Cui Bono?) look into this event, its suspicious timing, and consider the possibilities this was more than just a coincidence — and if not, cui bono?

Number 3: The Next Conclave: A Nightmare Scenario takes on some relevance with recent, seemingly well-sourced rumors, that Pope Francis may not live out the coming year. One of the pope’s confidant’s had once said of Francis: “If one day he should sense that he is running out of time and doesn’t have enough time to do what the spirit is asking him, you can be sure he will speed up.” (see here)  Perhaps we have already see one “speeding up” might look like in the release of Traditiones Custodes, and the restrictive interpretation of it by the Congregation for Divine Worship which quickly followed. What else might we expect?  Perhaps new conclave rules, to improve the chances of another Francis-like pope?

Number 2:  Benedict’s Resignation: A Theory of the Case (Part 1 of 2) looks into the whether the Vatileaks scandal might have been created, and weaponized by enemies of Pope Benedict XVI in order to induce his resignation in hopes of installing Cardinal Bergoglio as pope via the subsequent conclave.  Further exploration of this theory may be found in Benedict’s Resignation: A Theory of the Case (Part 2 of 2).  The most recent article in this series (Benedict’s Resignation, Canon 188, and Fraud) looks at the theory in the context of canon 188.

Number 1:   The Devil Came to Mass this weekend. In this article, Roma Locuta Est writer Edward J. Barr takes a look at the COVID-caused shutdown of churches, and at the many bishops preventing the faithful from partaking in the sacraments, all of which brought (and continues to bring) great turmoil to Catholics. From the Pope down to individual priests, many church leaders bowed to Caesar and become rabid proponents of government shutdowns.  In some jurisdictions Church policies restricting the faithful from pastoral and sacramental care exceeded the guidelines imposed by secular government.  The fear from above reverberated to hell, where a demon invited the devil to come meet a prospective recruit.  Check out the article to find out what happened next! This article was the first of a successful series of articles, such as The Devil Tours the White House.  Be sure to check out the recap of the entire series (see The Devil’s year in review).

The Roma Locuta Est staff — and by “staff”, I mean Ed and me — wants to thank all those who follow and read this site; and we wish all of you a Happy New Year for 2022.

Steven O’Reilly is a graduate of the University of Dallas and the Georgia Institute of Technology. A former intelligence officer, he and his wife, Margaret, live near Atlanta with their family. He has written apologetic articles and is author of Book I of the Pia Fidelis trilogy, The Two Kingdoms. (Follow on twitter at @fidelispia for updates). He asks for your prayers for his intentions.  He can be contacted at  or (or follow on Twitter: @S_OReilly_USA or on GETTR, Parler, or Gab: @StevenOReilly).

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